Working Telefunken Stereo Allegro 205 AM FM SW Radio

Check out this nice Telefunken Allegro Stereo 205 radio with external speakers. Unlike most Telefunkens, the speakers are seperate and can be placed where you want. The stereo seperation is great on these!

The radio works great and sounds great on all bands - including the two shortwave bands. It is quite sensitive on AM and also on FM. The controls all work and are not noisy.

Cosmetically, this is in good shape, but of course shows some normal wear. The backlight works fine and the tuning is smooth and accurate.

This also has two stereo inputs on the back for a phono and a line level device. Included is one cable that has the German Din plug that plugs into these inputs. The other end is cut off, you can use it with either a turntable or a line level device like a CD player. You'll have to add connectors for those devices, but the DIN is here and works.

This is a nice early transistor unit that you won't find every day! Don't miss this one.