WORKS! vintage AM 6 transister Hitachi radio MIB NR

For your consideration is an AWESOME find--a AM transister radio from the 1960's that is MIB and in working condition. It isn't "perfect" but it's doggone close!

Good points and general information:

Radio is a Model TH-667 by Hitachi, Made in Japan Radio is still in it's original box Radio is a powder blue color. Radio WORKS and takes 4 "C" batteries (shown but NOT included because they add significantly to the weight of the item for shipping) Has original instructions booklet Has original carry strap, ear phone and auxilliary antenna in damaged by workable condition (see below for more details) Has original polishing cloth to care for the radio Has writing on the inside lid that suggest it's from 1967 Radio measures roughly 6 1/2 by 4 1/4 inches Radio is AM only and has 6 transisters Radio comes with neat, old plastic cylinders that the batteries slide into and THEN are inserted into the battery compartment.

Noted damage:

The radio is CRACKED at the bottom right corner by the volume nob AND at the upper left corner by the carry strap loop. It does go and hold together fine but, you can see these area are clearly cracked and are weak and mobile upon exertion on the area. I tried to show the areas in the photographs below. In one picture, I am showing the cracked area with my thumb. The cracks are very
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