Up for auction is a WORLD CLASS BOWLING DELUXE UPRIGHT ARCADE COLLECTIBLE Cabinet is a gorgeous. This is the one that everybody wants. The monitor is 25 inch very clear, crisp, and bright. You can't go wrong! THIS MACHINE IS IN EXCELLENT WORKING CONDITION AND LOOKS GREAT! Perfect working Trackball and control buttons.Working Coin acceptors and Dollar Bill Unit. Please see the pictures below for details on how to contact me. I will be happy to answer any questions. One of the pictures below contains a list of some of the games Details: 1. Game is working flawlessly. 2. Trackball work perfect. 3. Cabinet is gorgeous. 4. Game has coin acceptors if you want it to vend for quarters and Mars Dollar bill Acceptor. 5. Game is already set to FREE PLAY. One to four players challange your skills at a game of bowling. Use the track ball to positon yourself. You can Throw a straight ball or use the hook left and Right Buttons to curve the ball right or left. Use the track ball to aim and control your speed. Has great sound effects. Very fun game. This game is a blast to play ! You will be very happy with it. If you are planning on using this to earn extra money in your business . It has a .25 coin mech . Has all the keys and locks. I have the machine set on free play so you dont have to put money in it. With a push of a buttion it's back to coin ... read more