World Globe Vintage 1940 WW2 Machine Age Art Deco

A WWII Cramâe(tm)s Terrestrial Globe with attractive Deco mount, displaying the political borders of 1940.

This model shows the advancement of the German Military during WWII as of 1940, just two years before the US became involved. In addition colony of Italian East Africa is shown, which existed for only a few years (1936-41). Quite an interesting time line for any history buff, even if the globe seems to carry "battle scars" and not in perfect condition.The mount is a superb representation of the Machine Age / of the Art Deco era w ith itâe(tm)s minimalist clean lines.

About the manufacture:

What was to become the George F. Cram Company was founded in 1867 by Rufus Blanchard and George Franklin Cram (uncle and nephew) in Evanston , Illinois . The firm was known as Blanchard and Cram and was engaged in producing atlases and maps. By 1869 the business had become George F. Cram, with Cram taking full control and moved to Chicago that same year. The great Chicago fire destroyed the business, which was reestablished under the name Cram Map Depot. In 1921 Cram sold the company to E. A. Peterson. Peterson merged the Cram Company with his National Map Company, and in 1928 it became The George F. Cram Company. The year 1928 also saw the death of founder George F. Cram at the age of 86.

The company began
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