This is a nice World War II/Viet Nam War M1 Steel Helmet with Helmet Liner. I am no expert on conditioning, but these (2) items look to be in very good condition, considering their age. Collectible Militaria...

The M1 Helmet was introduced during the World War II in 1942 to replace the M1917A1 Steel helmet . During the service life of the M1 helmet, 20 million US M-1 steel helmets were manufactured during World War II. A second US production run of approximately one million helmets was made in 1966-1967, for the Vietnam War . The Vietnam War helmet was different from the World War II/ Korean War version by having a lowered, or less pronounced dome shape at the top forward section, and was painted in a light olive green. The M1 was phased out during the 1980s in favor of the PASGT helmet which offered increased ergonomics and ballistic protection. It should be noted that no distinction in nomenclature existed between wartime front seams and post war shells in the United States Army supply system, hence World War II shells remained in use until the M1 was retired from service.

While obsolete in United States service, the M1 Helmet and international variants are still in use by other nations around the world. The M1 helmet liner still occupies a symbolic niche in the United States military. For example, liners are currently
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