World War 2, Japanese Zero Plane Wreckage

Genuine piece of a Japanese ZERO!

Up for auction here is a real piece off a World War 2 Japanese plane fuselage that was taken from a wreckage in the Marshall islands in the Pacific, the person who I acquired this from was on a sailing trip when he stopped at the island and the locals showed them the wreckage of several planes including one that this piece is from. The piece is from a Japanese Zero fighter plane.

The pictures show the island and some of the wreckage which the piece was taken from, included in the auction is a full set of pictures as shown which are all dated 1976 on the reverse. From the photos you can see that it is 100% genuine.

On the reverse of the wreckage you can still see the original military green colour, but the outside has weathered more as you would expect, this item is quite large as you can see in the pictures, it is approximately 3 foot by 2 foot.

I have been collection WW2 Japanese militaria for 25 years now and I am trying to thin out my collection due to moving, I will be listing some other nice pieces in the next week or so , so add me to your favourites.

The winner will also receive a set of the pictures shown in the images, which were taken of the wreckage at the time in the Marshall islands.