World's Finest Comics #31 (Nov-Dec 1947 DC) GD+ 2.5

Superman and Batman and Robin are joined by Zatara the Master Magician, Green Arrow, Bebe, Boy Commandos, and Three-Ring Binks. Binding is in unusually good shape for this oversized series with no staples - only glued binding. Was read very carefully as binding is still very tight -comic has never been fully opened and laid flat. Comic, like all other overstuffed issues I've seen with glued covers doesn't lay flat when closed. Bowed from top to bottom and from side to side with spine lifted 7/16 in. at top of spine, 3/16 in. at center of spine, and 5/16 in. at bottom of spine while front edge is mostly flat on table top to bottom. All pages are present but the last 2 sheets are loose- pages 11-13 of the Batman and Robin which ends the book and the ad at the very end. FRONT COVER- wonderful color in this humorous cover. Penciled "K" from store owner upper left. All edges are very sharp. Dog-eared triangle, 1/8 by 1/8 in. at bottom corner. Light 3/8 in. wide tanning stripe on front edge but no brittleness. SPINE - very slight rub at bottom corner and rub/small chip at top. No cracks or tears in glued spine. Cover is slightly off center with "Superman" "World's Finest Comics" "Batman" mostly visible from back of comic but this is still very nice for this fragile series. BACK COVER -Tanning stripe across top edge grows to 1/8 in. Edges ... read more