8 ANIMATED AUDIO TAPES FOR THE 1980s WORLDS OF WONDER TALKING MOTHER GOOSE MOST OF THESE TAPES HAVE NEVER BEEN USED; ALL ARE FROM MY PERSONAL COLLECTION INCLUDED IS A CASE FOR HOLDING THE 8 TAPES WITH CAPACITY FOR HOLDING 8 MORE THE TAPES ARE: LULLABIES - Listen to a beautiful collection of original lullabies as the Talking Mother Goose sings you to sleep with these soothing, slumber-time songs BIRTHDAY SURPRISE - The Talking Mother Goose is having a birthday. Everyone knows there is going to be a party..except the Talking Mother Goose. Hector and all of the friends from the Fairy Tale Township are throwing her a surprise party!
RUMPELSTILTSKIN - A funny little man helps the miller's daughter, Melinda, to spin straw into gold, in return for something very valuable...unless she can guess his name! HANSEL & GRETEL - When Hansel and Gretel get lost in the woods, a mysterious white bird leads them to a house made of gingerbread and candy! THE SHOEMAKER & THE ELVES - Otto the shoemaker learns that when you least expect it, the kindness you do will come back to you. Some elves come at night and make a beautiful pair of shoes for the baker's daughter. You will enjoy the singing in thie one! THE PRINCESS & THE PEA - Only a real princess would feel a tiny pea beneath many mattresses, but a real prince knows that it just
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