Worlds of Wonder Talking Pamela Living Doll+accessories

Wonders of the World


The Living Doll - another beautiful face by Beth Mullins

Talks when talked to, talks when touched, 60 delightful sentences, real little girl voice.

Each voice card gives Pamela a new vocabulary related to a specific activity. And with each card she says 60 totally new sentences about each activity. Each voice card also comes with a beautiful Sticker Activity Book and Stickers that give you and Pamela more places to go together.

You are bidding on:

Doll, with original tag

No box or paperwork - wearing overalls, shirt, shoes and socks.

All 6 Activity Cartridges

Each includes 3 sheets of stickers and play board:

Pamela at the Beach Pamela Goes Camping Pamela at the Zoo Pamela Goes out for Dinner Pamela Goes shopping Pamela Goes to a Birthday Party.

2 Outfits

New in package

Out to Dinner Outfit - Dress, Shoes, Socks, Panties, Hair Ribbon and Purse. Bedtime outfit - Pillow, Slippers and 2 pc Pajamas

The only thing I see that is missing that was made was one outfit - the Playtime Outfit. Otherwise, you have everything advertised, new or mint condition. All cartridges come in the carry packet and includes three pages of reusable (Colorform) stickers (in a special pocket) and a 5-sided play board.

I have put batteries in and played a cartridge. All works well. T is no indication of play on the doll (no scratches, etc.) Her hair is slightly mussed and her clothes dusty from storage. Clothing is removable and washable.

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Walt Disney's Ken Forsee was one of the early pioneers in animatronics. In the 1960s and 1970s he helped design the talking Abraham Lincoln figure, "It's a Small World", and other Disney animatronic projects. The key to Disney's technology was the use of specially coded audiotapes, which controlled the synchronization of an animated figure's movements with its associated audio (speech).

Forsse found cost-effective ways to shrink Disney's animatronic technology to toy level. A Texas heiress contributed $15 million to the effort on the condition that the toys would be designed to enhance the quality of play for all children, providing an alternative to the violence in video games, television and movies. The company established to employ Forsee's inventions, "Worlds of Wonder", was headquartered in Fremont, California. Its first product was Teddy Ruxpin, an animated, talking teddy bear. It was an overnight success.

Some dolls, such as Teddy Ruxpin and other Worlds of Wonder toys, could be connected together to hold a conversation or sing in chorus. Teddy Ruxpin was THE toy of the 1985 holiday season and was in short supply everyw This success caught the attention of competitive toy companies and other media character companies. The Walt Disney organization, Jim Henson Associates (Muppets), and King Features Syndicate (Peanuts) licensed their characters to Worlds of Wonder for use with its "animagic" technology. Additional creations included a talking Mother Goose, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Snoopy. In addition, Worlds of Wonder created two microprocessor-based, interactive dolls - Pamela and Julie.

Within three years, the company employed over 400 workers. Follow-on innovations included the microprocessor powered interactive dolls Pamela and Julie, GT Super Screamer race cars and the Laser Tag game.

Worlds of Wonder went public and became an overnight darling of Wall Street as its price shot up. Unfortunately, in a brief three and a half years the company filed for protection from its creditors in 1987. Large R&D, advertising, production, distribution, logistical, and repair costs hampered the company's ability to grow as quickly as it wanted to and it...
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