Experienced softball players know that this bat is coveted for ASA ball !!! T are several pictures with two bats in it. I sent two Worth Mayhem M7598 bats to Worlds Hottest Bats in AZ and had both shaved and rolled, but one end loaded and one balanced. I swung both for a couple swings and prefer the end loaded one as I like a heavier feeling bat. This auction is for the balanced one.

This auction is for a basically new - 5 swings on it, never returned, MADE IN THE USA , WORTH MAYHEM 98, M7598 ASA LEGAL AND GRANDFATD, 30oz originally, 34in, shaved and rolled by WORLDS HOTTEST BATS in Arizona Final weight is 27.5oz balanced(see picture of postal scale for weight verification).

The only wear you can see is w it was carried in a bat bag to Panama City Beach for the Southeastern and has a light scratch or two from that. You really can't even tell it has been swung 5 times in BP and the knob is perfectly clean as well cause it hasn't been thrown in the dirt.

But t's more - you also get a valid dealer receipt for warranty purposes dated the date the auction ends. Worlds Hottest Bats work is so good that you cannot visibly tell the bat has been shaved meaning you have a great chance at returning this bat for a replacement once that time comes(see photos of end cap). You are bidding on one of the hottest available
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