WOW Barbie as Rapunzel & Prince Stefan Lovely Collection Good Used Condition

This is a lovely collection of Barbie as Rapunzel and is being sold all together.
The collection is made up of:-
Barbie as Rapunzel doll (Gently pull her hair and it grows longer) - I think she could do with a wash and set and the extension part hasn't as much hair as it probably did from new. However there is another piece of hair attached to a band, which is part of the set and also 5 flower clips. There is a gold crown (unfortunatley not the original) also a gold plastic mascarade mask on a stick and a cardboard colour piece which goes over the top it is slightly fragile.
Ken doll as Prince Stefan (Push the button on his back to hear him say 'RAPUNZEL RAPUNZEL LET DOWN YOUR HAIR', 'I LOVE YOU' AND 'WILL YOU JOIN ME AT THE BALL'. He has a gold crown and a gold plastic mascarade mask on a stick and two of the cardboard pieces in mint condition. He also has a gold sword and a gold shield.
Barbie as Rapunzels horse and carriage. The shafts from the carriage have slightly bent at the carriage side but this doesn't affect it for playing with. There is one bow for the carriage, will try and find the other but won't promise I've got it. The horse also needs a good wash and set as it's mane is quite tangly - I plaited it for the pic and it looks lovely. The horse has 6 shoes - 2 spare. All
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