WOW! Harrah's Las Vegas $1 One Dollar Gaming Token! AU

Harrah's Las Vegas Casino $1 Gaming Token, WOW oh WOW, WOWZA!

~About Uncirculated~

Description: You are bidding on (1) about uncirculated Harrah's Las Vegas $1 gaming token. Back in the early 1980's most casinos used the large Eisenhower dollars for their slot machines, but collectors started hauling them out the front doors of the joints in wheelbarrows, and these guys had no choice but to start minting their own money. And this is the result. This is what you see those blue haired old women putting in the machines when you go into one of these joints for a hero sandwich. Yeah, and I being the astute business man that I am decided to pocket one of these when nobody was lookin. I don't think the lady whose busket I snagged it from was watching, anyway. Oh hey, before I forget, you know what's going on now don't you in Vegas? YOU WANT I SHOULD TELL YOU? They are getting ridda these things and going to paper/ticket slots. That's w you shove those stupid federal reserve notes into the machine and when you're all ready to leave you push the print button, the machine barfs up a piece of paper that looks like a reciept, and you haul that mother to the cashier and get cash for it. No more coins. So these are collectible, too.

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