WoW TCG Collection Lot 3000+ cards, rares, epics, loots

This collection includes early 3000 commons, uncommons, rares, epics, loots, and promos spanning all sets from Heroes of Azeroth through Scourgewar
Epics, rares, and extended art: 3x Rehgar Earthfury (extended art) 4x Orgrimmar Kazamon Steelskin Worldbreaker 4x Earth Elemental Totem 2x Totemic Recovery 2x Antonidas's Aegis of Rapt Concentration Tremor Shock Ossus the Ancient 2x Totemic Mastery 2x Curse of Exhaustion (extended art) Vengeful Gladiator's Vestments Cairne Bloodhoof (extended art) Gladiator's Aegis Lo'gosh Black Felsteel Bracers (crafted card) Tidal Mastery 3x Owned! 2x Short John Mithril Mystic Denial Hellforged Halberd Overpower Edge of Oblivion Extract of Necromantic Power Dimzer the Prestidigitator Deadly Throw Mana Etched Crown Gok Stormhammer Earth Shock Arcane Focus
Molten Core Loot: Leggings of Transcendence Benediction Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros Obsidian Edged Blade Nemesis Leggings Brutality Blade Blastershot Launcher Eskhandar's Right Claw Shard of the Flame
Loot: 4x Slashdance (unscratched loot card)
2x Molten Core raid decks with all original cards
Commons and Uncommons: fires of outland - complete 4x set of commons and uncommons, all heroes drums of war - complete 4x set of commons and all heroes heroes, only a couple uncommons short of complete 4x set blood of gladiators -
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