WOW TCG LOOT X-51 Nether Rocket

You are bidding on an unscratched X-51 Nether Rocket X-Treme. Scratch the card to reveal a code, use that code to get your World of Warcraft online character one of the iconic flying mounts of all time! This mount is an eye-catcher. This loot comes from a long ago out of print set, so get yours right away!

Rare Loot card from Servants of the Betrayer .

With a rocket strapped between your legs, you hope the Goblins who built this contraption knew what they were doing. The X is certainly for “X-TREME” as you jet from point A to point B on your nitro fueled rocket.

Loot Facts

Receive a X-51 flying mount that scales to the riding speed of your character Counts toward mount achievements Shipping includes insurance.

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