WoW TCG World of Warcraft Spectral Tiger Unscratched Loot Card lot

the item you are bidding on is a set of 2 unscratched loot cards. there are many different cards that i have listed below. i can guarantee that the cards you receive will be unused loot cards. there is a Spectral tiger in the mix, however i can not guarantee that you'll receive that particular card. i can say that your chances are good as I am selling all the cards listed below. thank you for taking the time to look at this auction.
1x Spectral tiger 1x Ghastly Ghost charger 1x Feldrake 1x Amani Dragonhawk 2x Mottled Drake 2x Saltwater Snapjaw 3x Landro's gift 3x Gone fishing 10x Slashdance 12x Paint Bomb 3x Nightsaber cub 1x Savage Raptor 2x Landro's Lil Xt 3xLandro's Lichling 4x Grell Moss 1x Imp in a ball