WOW! Vintage large TIN TOY Tiger DRUM SET J. Chein USA

I have never seen another set like this. Its a vintage tin toy most likely from the 1960s. This is made in USA by J. Chein. The drum is apx 21 inches across. It has a great tiger graphic on the front of the drum. It looks like the Exxon tiger or the old Kelloggs Tony the tiger. The drum body is made of tin. The surfaces are a paper/cardboard material. The rear of the main drum has tape on it where the foot pedal would hit the drum. This is some past repair or reinforcement. I cant remove the tape to see if there is either a dent or tear in the surface. It still works as is. The 2 smaller drums have tape and tears on their surface. This is nothing that a bit of white tape cant solve. This is great for the music collector or the tin-toy collector. I dont know if it ever had feet or not. I see no mounting hols for them. It does have a working foot pedal and thumper. It also has 2 cymbols. The chrome on this set is worn and tarnished. as seen in the pictures. The 2 top drums, cymbol set, and foot peda will be removed for shipping. They are removeable with a simple wing nut and flat head screw. This will be shipped via the post office in what they consider an over sized box. I have never seen another set like this. Im sure the tigers took a beating over the years and many did not survive.

More pictures available upon request.
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