Rare Wow Wee Remote Control Cyber Spider

Box is Damaged Needs Batteries Shelf Edge Wear on Box Brand New In Original Box Row USA 9 EA
Wow Wee Remote Control Cyber Spider
Cyber Spider Cyber Spider the fully remote controllable mechanoid arachnid. Cyber spider features realistic spider walking and turning motion with futuristic mechanical sound, throbbing mechanical heartbeat, glowing green night light, attack position and scurry away mode, all controllable on a futuristic looking wrist remote controller.
The Cyber Spider is this cool plastic chrome looking spider. He is about 5 inches long from head to rear, and he has 8 pretty cool legs that let him walk about 2 inches from the ground. He doesn't have a face or anything, but instead he has a 2 red lights that will flash to different commands as his eyes. On the bottom of the spider, there are 8 lights. Each light is next to a leg and these will flash green with the touch of a button on the remote control. There is an on-off button on the bottom of the spider. When you turn him on, he will make a few beeping noises and then his eyes will keep blinking. He does not have an auto shut off so if you decide not to play with him any longer, his eyes will keep blinking until you turn him back off.
The spider also makes a radar scanning sound, you can also hear his heartbeat.
The spider has 2 speeds which he
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