WoW World of Warcraft TCG Fortune telling Loot

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BUY NOW WoW World of Warcraft TCG Fortune telling Loot

Details: Fortune telling French card named "La bonne aventure"


1/ Simple: Buy the item now - get your Code as soon as possible

If you fulfill all t below conditions, you can get the code scratched and sent to you:

- If you have more than 50 positive references and a positive feedback of at least 98%

- If you have a verified paypal adress

- If your paypal adress data corresponds your ebay data

=> then you can ask for the card to be scratched and I will send the code on your paypal e-mail adress.

If you want your code right away and have a doubt whether I would scratch the card for you or not, please ask me and I will tell you a.s.a.p

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