WowWee RoboRaptor 32" Robotic Dinosaur w/Remote

WowWee RoboRaptor 32" Robotic Dinosaur w/Remote. See Pictures..This guy will make you believe the Age of Dinosaurs has returned. A fusion of technology and personality. Designed by Mark Tilden. The RoboRaptor displays three personalities: agressive hunterm methodical and cautious, friendly and playful. You will be amazed as you watch him move his head and neck with realistic biomechanical action. He also has a whipping tail that sweeps back and forth. He comes with over 40 preprogrammed functions using the two handed remote control or let him move on his own. Keenly aware of his enviornment, RoboRaptor uses his infared vision system to detect motion as well as objects in his path. Has sonic sensors and touch sensors in his tail, chin, and tounge to see, hear and feel where you are and what is in his surroundings. Measures 32" x 11" x 8.2". For ages 8 and up. Batteries are included. Excellent Clean Condition. Weighs 5 pounds and needs an oversize box. I will ship him parcel post to save on the shipping cost. Buyer pays shipping. Immediate Payment is Required.