The Wraith Motion Picture Soundtrack CD!

This is one amazing soundtrack up for grabs. The rare soundtrack for the Charlie Sheen supernatural motorhead thriller, The Wraith! This CD has a bunch of awesome 80's music from the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Lion and Ian Hunter. This CD is in great condition and is free of scratches or other defects. Shipping is available anyw on the planet.
1. W's the Fire (Tim Feehan)
2. Those Were the Days (Honeymoon Suite)
3. Hearts Vs. Heads (Stan Bush)
4. Hold on Blue Eyes (Lamarca)
5. Young Love, Hot Love (Jill Michaels)
6. Secret Loser (Ozzy Osbourne)
7. Never Surrender (Lion)
8. Bad Mistake (James House)
9. Wake Up Call (Ian Hunter)
10. Matter of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler)