Wright's Official History of the Spanish American War

Wright’s Official History of the Spanish American War , 1900

The title page states

A Pictorial and Descriptive Record of the Cuban Rebellion, the Causes that Involved the United States , and a

Complete Narrative of Our Conflict with Spain on Land and Sea

Supplemented with Fullest Information Respecting Cuba , Puerto Rico , the Philippines and Hawaii ,

Their Climate, Commerce, Productions, History And People

Embellished with 1500 original illustrations by the great war artists, and

pictures of war scenes by its correspondents and photographers.

Twenty- four illustrators and photographers are listed.

Complied and written directly from Official Records at Washington ,

with the Endorsement of the President, Secretary of War, and the Commanding Officers of the Army and Navy.

by General Marcus Wright of the War Records Office in Washington ,

published in 1900.

Obviously, it is a invaluable resource for the history of the War.

But I find it most striking for the many double-paged illustrations

by many of the finest illustrators of that age.

The book is elephant folio sized (17 ¼�€ X 12 ½�€ X 2 ¼�€), and has 617 pages,

plus a copy of the Peace Treaty and a Chronology of the War.

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