Wuersch Vintage Wood Wall Clock

Robert F. Wuersch, born in Switzerland, moved to Fall Rivers, Massachutes in 1961. He originally crafted Art Enamels on pure copper and fine wood, after which he founded the Wuersch Manufacturing Clock Company. He continued to work, throughout a serious illness, and passed away in 1995. This stunning clock was crafted by the Wuersch Manufacturing Clock Company in 1960-1970s, and by far Wuersch clocks became known for their craftsmanship. This lovely clock comes complete with pendulum and key. It has a 21 day movement. The face is crafted from a type of mason board, with beautiful floral detailing. The overall condition is good to very good, as this beautiful clock would surely be a spectacular addition to any decor. **This clock is in current working condition, however most clocks do require some adjustments after shipping.**