Wurlitzer 1800 Jukebox Service Repair Manual (1955)

Wurlitzer 1800 Jukebox Service Repair Manual (1955)

Excellent new, spiral-bound reprint of Wurlitzer factory repair manual for the Model 1800 jukebox, 1955, 144 pages.

Includes description, cycle of operations, exploded views, wiring and circuit board diagrams and electrical schematics and complete instructions for installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair.

Covers the complete unit including coin register mechanism, amplifier, (Dynatone Model 528HF) and sound system.

Extremely well written and profusely illustrated -- as all Wurlitzer jukebox manuals are. This is the book that Wurltizer provided dealers and the company's own service technicians for installation service and repair of these phonograph machines.

For several years beginning in 1952, Wurlitzer manuals were issued in thick blue binders that covered more than one model. These binders were organized by section (e.g., General Info, Phono Models, Slug Rejectors, Coin Register, Selectors, etc.) rather than by model.

Thus, pages for a particular model were intermixed with those of other models in the original. In the reprint, pages that comprise the manual for a particular model are not sequentially numbered.

The Model 1800 manual includes references to the manual for Models 1700/1700F and, to a lesser extent,

If you don't know the model of your jukebox, I may be able to help identify it from serial numbers or by providing pictures.

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