Wurlitzer Model 1015 One More Time (OMT) CD Jukebox

Wurlitzer Model 1015 One More Time (OMT) CD Jukebox (Walnut)

This model was manufactured in 1993. Jukebox is in EXCELLENT working condition. Jukebox still works and plays the same as it did when it came off the production line! T are two pieces that will need replaced (please see below) and the cost is reduced due one damaged part and one missing part. Parts are primarily aesthetic and do not interfere with the quality of sound or ability to play CDs. I LOVE this jukebox and I know that you'll love it too!

Sells for $6,275 New!

This Wurlitzer Jukebox is perfect for an entrance hall of a company, restaurants, bars, college dorms, arcades, rec rooms, gamerooms or a living room.

The cabinet of the legendary Model 1015, originally built in 1946, is the ideal casing for Wurlitzer's new, modern microprocessor-controlled CD changer and player. The unit holds 50 CD's and plays more than 1,200 songs and contains a powerful amplifier/speaker combination to deliver superb sound quality. The classic Wurlitzer rotating color columns, distinctive round top, visible CD changing mechanism, and trademark bubble tubes create visually spectacular special effects.

To further enhance your jukebox, Wurlitzer also offers a full line of optional accessories like upgraded amps, wireless remote control, along with
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