WW 2 US Navy MK 41 Mark 41 Bausch Wide Field Binoculars

Despite the recent appearance on ebay of three examples of this rare model binocular, it is believed by experts that only 150 were ever completed. If you have been following the ebay auctions In the past , you will know that this model has sold for as high as $5000.00. Check this ebay sale: 110112938007 which is a set that sold for $3000. That sale offered a set of Mk 41 that were in nice condition. It was sold by a collector who has a few examples of this model. In fact, most of the Mk 41s that were made are owned by collectors and they mostly know one another, so these binoculars only come up when someone liquidates their collection. That is how I obtained this set. I bought two, and am keeping the lesser pair for myself. The other Mk 41s that recently sold on ebay were worn and in need of service, The example offered in this auction is in superior condition to those of ebay sale 110112938007 , and has just been serviced at Baker Marine, who has serviced Navy binoculars since 1936. The cosmetic condition of this pair is beautiful, and all of the lenses are clear and scratch free. Looking through the objectives, you will see a clear optical path with no chipped prisms, or lens element lens element separation. Those who are really picky, may notice a few black tiny specks. I saw these after getting the binoculars back from service, ... read more