WW I ALDIS ( British) sniper scope !!

This is an excellent condition WWI issue Aldis Sniper scope for the No1 MkIII Enfield rifle-- The scope is in the best condition I have ever seen for a WWI scope. Lenses and optics are perfect; crosshair and post have no dirt spots or anything hanging around inside. This scope appears possibly never to have been installed on a rifle. I purchased it about 30 years ago from a gentlemen that bought it with a bunch of old optical stuff after WWII and it sat in a drawer unused- So I doubt it has been used at all since 1945-- the markings on the scope are as follows-- Aldis brothers Birmingham No. 70, XXX 1916 -- the scope body appears unfinished and was originally "In the white"' as they say the front cap and rear were originally painted brass-- T are no markings for range on the adjustment wheel-- That is why I think this is a new old stock scope-- If the scope body was ever finished it must have been a blue that faded to white-- But I believe this was correct as when the mounts were installed the scope was probably over painted with issue blackening-- This scope is in remarkable condition for 92 years of age !! Pictuers of the markings are impossible with my camera-- they however are imprinted on the bottom side of the objective lense cap-- The front anti glare sunshade detaches easily !World wide shipping on this item is OK-- but it ... read more