WW II australian raw edged camo steel helmet with private liner dated 1942

A very good example of a c amoufl aged raw edged australian steel helmet with a private liner
of the type used for north african campaign as is the camouflage.
The helmet and liner soiled but both are strong and in very good condition, There is no strap.
Such a helmet with this camo and liner is rare to say the least.
It did not have to belong to an australian as british and commonwealth troops were issued with each others helmets quite often
as supplies dictated.
I have seen a photo of anti-aircraft gunners with this camouflage arround Tobruk and yes, they were australians.
Of course they were other colour schemes in the desert and the med-sea as well..
The helmet is dated 1942 on the strap lug. Size 7 1/4 on the rim .
Please see photos.
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