WW II Barr & Stroud of Glasgow B&S Gunsight Binoculars

According to Hans Seeger's book on Military Binoculars and Telescopes (2nd Edition), (Page 412), This scope is "A director telescope with coated optics used by the Royal Navy during WW II. Its "straight through" type construction would indicate use against surface targets. The objective and prism housings are of aluminum and the other components are made from brass. The wide-angle oculars are fitted with a click stop focus adjustment. Glass filters in yellow, grey and dark green (as in many other Barr & Stroud hand held binoculars) are positioned internally in front of the prism systems and can be selected with the knobs on top of the director. On the left-hand plate, metal sights are mounted for rough alignment of the target. The plate can be moved horizontally. A special feature of this model, the 2 graticules in the right-hand side, can be rotated via connectors at the bottom." These telescopes originally came in a wooden box that would be brought to the gun when the enemy was in sight and then screwed onto the gun mount. They could be taken off the gun to protect the optics from salt water when not needed to fight the ship. The optics are in good shape, but they are not in perfect collimation. The mechanical features of this instrument are very complex, but everything works smoothly. T sounds as if they are on a tumbler system ... read more