WW II Cigarette Trench Lighter Graetz L@@K!

Up for auction is what I believe to be a WW II cigarette trench lighter. I know very little about this type of item so ask away and I will do my best to answer any questions. There seems to be a flint because when I rotate the wheel it makes a friction noise. The item measures 3" tall x 11/16" diameter. The hinged cap that flips over the wick is very loose and opens with no effort. The only marking on the lighter is "Graetz" which means nothing to me. Maybe it was the name of the person who once owned it. I am selling the item "AS IS". I have provided numerous pictures to help you determine the condition and quality of the item. I accept paypal, M.O. and personal checks. Thanks for looking, good luck and check my other lighters currently listed.