WW-II WW-I Field Telephone US Forest Sevice Mod C

Available at auction is a very rare U.S. Forest Service Field Telephone Mod C. The U.S. Forest Service was a pioneer in the design & use of portable communications equipment of this type. In fact many of their designs proved so valuable in concept that they were barrowed both in part & full by our military in times of great stress. These phones were used in both WW-I WW-II, this example has an expection date of 1949 inside it's lid. I have some more examples of this modle phone but I don't feel theay are in as good shape.

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Over the next few weeks, or months, I'll be selling off one of the most extensive collections of historic radio equipment ever assembled. Including vintage US Forest Service, Ham, Civil Defense, WW-II OSS & CIA spy radios, Signal Corps, Military & Para-Military, Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, you name it! Items dating from 1914 into the 1990's.


DON'T BID: If you don't have the expertise to work with this type equipment, or if you don't have easy access to those expertise, don't bid! If you can't communicate, don't bid! If your not going to pay promptly don't bid! If you are using any email address other than the one you have registered
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