ww1 1914 canadian valcartier camp medal very rare!!!!!!

up for auction is a rare canadian valcartier camp ww1 medal. i have never seen one of this kind ever to come to auction. valcartier camp back during world war one trained foreign soldiers how to fight and the use of equipment for battle. i believe the camps were stationed in quebec. the medal is in great condition as per the pictures they show well . and it has fantastic detail crossed rifles, crossed swords, crossed bombs, anchor, and bugal, with canada at the top. also just around the coin insert it says valcartier camp 1914. and the most interesting i think is the coin in the center of the medal. it has on the front a detailed soldier holding a rifle with two tents in the background and on the back is a very small inscription of the lords prayer. you can only read it with a magnified glass. thankyou and goodluck!!!!!!!!!!