RARE WW1 Dazzle Ship camouflage schematic stone litho

Original 1917-18 US Navy stone lithograph schematic for a "Dazzle Pattern" camouflage confusion pattern used on WW1 ships, called "Dazzle Ships."
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These are extremely rare because they were produced as guides for the crews which actually painted the ships, and tfore these lithos were totally disposable. Virtually all took a lot of wear and tear in the ship painting process and were afterwards discarded.
I have had a major exhibition including some of these from my collection, have published articles on this material, and the only holdings of this kind of material besides my own I have found are a few in US Navy archives and at a prominent East Coast art college whose faculty members generated these camouflage designs during World War One. No doubt the Imperial War Museum in London has some also.
The lithos are large, 29 X 11 3/4 inches, and in close to mint condition. Some have a small tear or two and/or some wrinkling on edge, which will not show when matted unless otherwise noted. Creasing in upper right corner may show very slightly when matted.
NOTE: Color shifts, magenta and yellow casts etc. are not present in the actual lithos, but are just photo/light anomalies--lithos are clean, consistent off white, paper is in extraordinary condition.
These patterns,
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