WW1 era preserves tin. Doughboy AEF Cherris Quinces Pears.

I first saw these on a site that specialized in American A.E.F. items and it was being pitched as a A.E.F. preserves tin. I go to the Show of Shows and the Max show every year and you occasionally see them with other Doughboy items... Me personally, I think that food was packaged and shipped overseas in them and the great majority ended up as trench lanterns or containers for personal effects. I bought this at a yard sale a few years ago and it was full of old buttons and it also had a WW1 sweet heart pin in the mix, very cool... Anyhow, I'll let you be the judge but I think that it would display well, in a dugout setting. It has a a few rust spots and some shallow dents but is still very solid... Please take a peak at my other items and good luck to you.
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