ww1 medal

This a British War medal issued to a Pte. J. Watkins. There is some history with this medal. John Watkins joined the Royal Warwickshire Regiment in 1911 in the field ambulance corps. He was discharged in 1919. Later on during the second world war he served as a senior air raid warden.Included in this sale is a British War medal with ribbon, which has never been attached to the medal, all in the original packaging. Army Form W.5132 post card. Army Form Z. 21.Certificate of Disembodiment Army Form Z. 53. Cover for Certificates Identity card N.R.107 A issued in 1943. Also included is an embroidered post card, made in France, for the R.A.M.C. which I assume John Watkins acquired while serving in France, but never posted. Just as a footnote, John Watkins lived with us until his death in the 70's.