WW1 P1903 British Canvas Mess Tin Cover, Reproduction

This is a museum-quality reproduction of the WW1 British Army wartime 1903 Pattern khaki canvas cover for the D-shaped mess tin [mess tin in photo is NOT for sale]. This 1908 version was a modification of the 1903 Pattern made without the brass D-ring for Oliver Equipment hook [ see pages 58 &74, Tangled Web by Jack L. Summers ]. It was made by historian/collector Jay C. Richards of military 10-ounce pre-shrunk khaki canvas stitched on a pre-WW1 British Jones' hand-crank sewing machine, with stress points reinforced by handstitching using genuine WW1 khaki #8 cotton gimp thread or vintage military tan cotton thread. Period pewter buttons were used for the outer flap closure. There are two canvas strap belt loops on the back. With many original mess tins in rusty condition, the canvas cover will help keep a reenactor's kit clean .