WW1 Trench Art 75 casing - A Lady with " Something On Her Mind ? "...engraving !

WW1 Trench Art French "75" engraved shell case - A Lady with " Something On Her Mind ? "

Opportunity to own an interesting enigma/puzzle artefact from the Great War era - it is a French "75" cannon shell, nicely engraved to depict a 20's style Lady sitting on the branch of a tree, with her left arm and fingers displaying body language of puzzlement.

You will be puzzled too, when you spot a moon-shaped face above her, peering out of the tree ! It doesn't look very happy..!!

At first I thought The Lady was playing some type of keyboard, of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata", and had misplaced her timing, but on closer inspection she seems to have "something else" on her mind.....sitting as she does on the branch.....

Only the Gentleman who crafted this knows its secret....or....

The symbolism may be lost to history (unless YOU can solve the puzzle), but this good collectable Trench Art item really does deserve a place in your collection !

Measuring 35cm high x 8.5cm diameter across base, with no splits, and weighs 1.25kg - there is an uneven top rim (see photo) which doesn't detract - the shell base is marked:

"75 DEC L1429 A.RS"

WW1 Trench Art will be of increasing interest, and escalating value, as we approach the Centenary of the First World War in 2014 and beyond.
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