WW1 Trench Art Finely Engraved shell dated 1916.

This is a WW1 Trench art brass German shell finely and professionally engraved and dated 1916.

The top section has several rows of intricately engraved hatch type markings and a row of symbol markings.

The centre section has been tapped cleanly back leaving an ornate raised pattern of a grape vine with leaves and a large bunch of grapes.

The lower section has very detailed star shaped rows and another row of symbols.

The base is stamped with the HL Haniel Luege German factory markings and dated Nov 1916.

It stands 23cm high and is 9cm across the base. It has no splits or cracks and is in great shape for 98 years of age.

A great detailed piece of work and a fantastic historical item.

Thanks for considering.