Up for auction are these Pre-WW1, Bausch, Lomb, Saegmuller Co., U.S. Navy binoculars, No. 122. This company was in business from 1905 to the end of 1907.

In 1907 Carl Zeiss of Jena, Germany bought 20% of Bausch & Lomb and 33% of Bausch, Lomb, Saegmuller. The company was then renamed Bausch & Lomb but was know as the "Triple Alliance." This partnership contiued until November of 1915 when the conflicts of World War 1 ended the "Triple Alliance" because Bausch & Loam was selling military equipment to Great Britain, Germany's enemy.

On the binoculars are the following: 10 x, Bureau of Ordinance No.122 U.S. Navy. Pat. dates Nov. 25, 1894, Oct. 28, 1902, Oct.27, 1903. These patent dates were acquired by Bausch who was manufacturing prism binoculars before George N. Saegmuller joined the company in 1905.

These binoculars are in nice condition for their age. The case is very old and the latch is missing. Other than that, everything seems to be in nice condition for it's age.

These binoculars are 8" long.

These are rare and would make a nice addition to your Military Collection. Don't miss out on this great piece of Military History!!

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These vintage binoculars
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