ww1 US ARMY BOOTS M 1917 u.s.g.i. WWI TRENCH SHOE s

antique original WW1 W.W.I u.s. army boots real battle field worn world war one doughboys trench boots field shoes - the scarce 1917 trench boot these were actually worn in battle and still have 89 year old mud from verdun, attached to the soles ! -

{ i tried to clean some of it off , it appears to fossilized and rock hard }

- they recently came out of a long forgotten, dusty foot locker ,...Found in a dilapidated garage of a 1920s Chicago bungalow, along with a few other world war one relics, from a small collection of relics, saved by a u.s. army doughboy who was at the battle of verdun -

the veterans name was R. HIGBIE { maybe you can find some info. on the man -- he also had battle field used maps of verdun , and a small pile of captured relics , bayonets , a moth eaten uniform and a U.S. gas mask . } ----------------- -

the boots appear to be about a size 8 or 9 , and are in good, but well worn condition - most of the hobnails are worn down past their heads - the soles show lots wear and use. but they are still wearable, the uppers are very sound and strong. they come with their original laces and haven't been messed with, except for the leather treatment i applied, as they were quite dry, when i found them .

u.s. Doughboy footwear has always been scarce,

any surviving examples,

this is a matched 'field worn ' pair of early 1917 TRENCH Boots

the m1917 differed from the earlier model, as it was the first to be made as a RUFF OUT { i.e. with the cowhide, rough side turned out {like the WW2 USMC double buckle top boots }

the 1917 trench boots, were the first to have hobnail soles, & most will have 'horse shoe' heel cleats , { but no forward toe plates , }

these are the earliest variation , as they were made without the rivets on the sides. they have only TWO rows of stitching along the backstays { the later model 1918 'Pershing Boot' , were made with THREE rows of stitching along the back stays & forward 'toe' plates.

the model 1917 was 'the' boot , worn in the trenches of WW1 by the yanks, as the 1918 model was only available during the last month of the war, very few actually ever made it to the trenches , ...

BOTH the m1917 & m1918 boots were made precisely obsolete , on 11th hour, of the 11 day, of the 11 month of 1918 --

any remaining stores were condemned or converted by the government, by removing the hobnails and cleats , in the post war years

- just before the long boat ride , back home ,..... ALL the U.S. ARMYs enlisted men were told to turn in their uniforms and equipment, they were reissued brand new boots and uniforms {huge piles of battle field worn gear were burnt in giant bonfires as a de- lousing effort, at the debarkation camps, they were allowed to keep their issued helmet and gas mask, but most of their field gear was left behind and destroyed . , which accounts for the great scarcity for any genuine, battle field used equipment }

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