A unique collection related to the restoration of a WW11 P-38 Lightning aircraft which was recovered from 268 feet under the Greenland ice cap on which it had belly-landed 50 years earlier. Plus other related items.

l). Two soft-cover books signed by author Bert Kinzey: 'P-38 Lightning Part 1', XP-39 through P-38H and Part 2. P-38J through P-39M. Both copies are in nice condition.

2). 60-plus 6: x 4" and 7" x 5" color photographs of the Glacier Girl P-38 during various stages of its restoration including several showing detailed parts and a roll-out celebration.

3). Hand-carved mahogany Glacier Girl replica model l:32 scale, 19 1/2: wingspan and authentic markings. It comes with a stand which unfortunately (a) has a broken vertical spar which supports the plane and (b) has two prop blades missing. The break seems clean and easily repairable and a $5.95 P-38 1:32" plastic scale model would provide the missing props. (See Ebay completed items). Seems like a lot of bother but this is quite an expensive replica, retailing at the Kentucky Museum of Aviation for $175.00, so may be worth the trouble. Either way, whatever caused the damage seems not to have affected the plane itself, which is in very good condition.

4) An 18"x24" Greenland Expedition Society poster (rolled) showing Glacier Girl still under the
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