WW2 Aerial Camera Keystone, Type F8, 15" Focal Length

OK. So this is a wonderful piece of WW2 history! It is an Aerial Camera that the military used to take pictures of movements and sites, while flying over enemy territory. You can see a picture of a very handsome RAF pilot using a camera just like this one by following this link:


It produces a huge 7" X 5" negative! "F-Stops" are adjustable from 5.6 through 32. The shutter, Telephoto lense, and all the mechanisms seem to work just fine. I don't know how well it works because I don't have any film this size to try, and asking for some down the street at the RiteAid and only got a really weird look from the dumbfounded kid behind the counter. While it is in nice condition, it will need some cleaning to get rid of some light surface rust and t If you collect WW2 memorabilia, this would be a swell addition! Then again, if you really don't collect this stuff, think about it, as long as you have one of those cute leather hats that the RAF pilot is wearing, and maybe a B-29 to hang out of, you will have the time of your life taking aerial photos of all those things you always wanted an aerial photo of. Imagine, low altitude shots along the Delaware and Jersey Shore in July (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), even pictures of your neighbor's license plates illegally
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