WW2 us army M1944 CARGO PACK USGI backpack WWII lower section u.s. military

united states of america

antique vintage

WW2 USGI WWII original world war two WWII US Army M1944 Pack Cargo Bag

these are far scarcer than the common 1945 model -

a rare model of 1944 - Not a M 45

marked inside INLAND MFG. CO. INC. 1945

This cargo pack is in good condition - it looks nearly unissued ,

as usual ,..the 'quick ' release web straps have been cut off / removed { these were reutinly removed in the field by solider's ,..as they only swung around and got caught on things }

other than that ,..this packin in excellent condition ,..

the rubber liner flap { the waterproof fly is intact and as pliable as the day it was made

again ,..it looks nearly un issued -

the canvas is clean and strong with no rips or damage

these might look like the m1945 cargo packs -but will not interchange with a m1945 upper backpack -

i have seen a few MODEL 1945 packs ,..that were DATED 1944 --- and conversely this M 1944 PACK is DATED 1945 !

this was made after the m1944 was deemed obsolescent ,..but were still being used in the field, so limited numbers were still being made ,..in order to keep the quartermasters department supply line flowing

a rare Opportunity to complete your M-1944 Pack Combat and Cargo !

more information on this

Pack, Field, Combat, M-1944 and Pack, Field, Cargo, M-1944

The M1944 pack design was based on the M-1941 USMC system. The intention was for the M-1944 combat field pack (upper unit) to carry lighter necessities like underwear, mess kit, and toilet articles with a poncho or bed roll strapped on. It could be joined to the M-1944 cargo pack (lower unit) to carry extra clothing, more rations or other items.

Tabs with eyelets were on the pack to hold an M-1943 intrenching tool (plus a strap to hold down the shovel handle), or other tools or bayonet. The separate Cargo Pack, with a web carrying handle, had many uses including as furlough bag . The Suspenders, Pack, Field, Cargo-and-Combat, M-1944 could be used for carrying pack, or used alone to help with the weight of a pistol or cartridge belt.

Pack, Field, Cargo and Pack, Field, Combat M-1944 were soon replaced by the very similar M-1945 version. But the combat and cargo packs of the two are not interchangeable. The quick release buckles of the M-1944 packs will not work with the double-bar buckles used with the M-1945 version. M-1945 Combat Suspenders were issued to match the packs.

The Field Pack had a waterproof liner, interior divisions, and numerous straps to close the main flap, to use as shoulder straps or attach to the suspenders, and to hold the intrenching tool handle. Two canvas flaps with eyelets were provided: M-1943 intrenching toolon top center, and a side flap for bayonet or canteen. Bottom straps attached to the Cargo Pack to join the two.

The Cargo Pack had a waterproof closure inside, two straps to close the main flap and short buckle straps on top to mate to the straps on the bottom of the Field Pack. The Cargo Pack also had a web handle on top making it a handy furlough bag or even a tool bag. Both parts of the packs were made in OD #7 canvas and webbing with "US" stamped on the outside of the flap and the manufacturer and date on the inside of the flap.

a scarce pack issued during world war two

it looks good and is very presentable - -

a great collectable example ,..

dont pass it up

good examples are getting hard to find these days ...

real vintage world war united states military issue back pack -

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