This is a standard Khaki green British WW2 helmet that has at some time been painted over with white and a red cross added to the front. I'm no expert, so can't tell you much about it and I don't know if it would be a Home Front Ambulance drivers helmet or a Front Line Army Medics helmet? Perhaps a little bright for a front line helmet? It came out of a wooden box in a shed with a WW2 NFS helmet I am also selling, so perhaps the two are contemporary? It's in good condition with just a few scrapes and nicks, have a look at the photos and see what you think. The liner is dated 1939 and its a size 6 3/4. I can't make out the stamps on the shell, but there is certainly a '3' in there, so it could be 1939, the same as the liner? The strap is original and in fairly nice condition, but has a few marks and has lost its spriginess out of one side.

It's an overall very nice helmet, but I'm sure you know much more about it than I do and sorry, you don't get the head.

This is an auction, I don't tell you what stuff is worth, I'll start at just £1 and let it find it's own price, bid as you feel fit.

Postage with in the UK will be £9.80, outside the UK, drop me a line before bidding and I'll get you a quote.