WW2 British MkV Gas Mask 1941/42 Dates complete set

WW2 British Mk V Gas Mask 1941/42/43 Dates complete set This complete set has got to be seen to be believed You will get a 1941 Dated Mk VI Gas Mask Bag complete with all brass fittings, no holes and original draw string. This bag was made by W&G Ltd. On the inside flap is stamped RAF 1811286 Marshall ( The first owner of this set).
The Rubber Mask is a NORMAL size, is Dated 6th June 1941 and is made by FS & Co, the Rubber is in very fresh flexible condition. The elastic straps are perfect and have a Oct 1942 Date on them. The red gas filter is Dated Oct 1942, the hose and all fittings are in very good order. Attached to the filter is a red fibre dog tag with RAF 1811286 Marshall this again confirms this is all one set.
The pockets are all still in place and all the inside sections of the bag are in place also. In the pockets are the following items:-
2 white cleaning cloths.
1 cardboard packet of EYESHIELDS. ANTI-GAS T here are 3 EYESHIELD in the pack still in the paper wrappings and in good condition. Tis packet was made by H.S. & Co in July 1943 and would have been added to the set as the war moved.
1 Can of Outfit Anti-dimming MkVI. This can is dated July 1941, has the correct hole in the lid to attach it to the draw string. and still has the cloth inside.
2 Boxes of Ointment Anti-Gas
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