WW2 Canteen Belt, First Aid Pouch, Cup, Early Canvass,

This item up for bids is a WW2 Field Gear Canteen Belt set. Its dated 1945 on the cup and 1943 on the first aid packet. The canteen pouch has the original canteen, cup and chain attached to the lid. Not bad condition for its age. The belt is complete with all the snaps hangers and other brass eyelets. The set is just a really nicely aged set and good looking. The items are labeled but they are faint and hard to make out. The date on the pouch is visible, but the name is harder to read as to w they were made. They are the early canvass type pieces and will make a super nice addition to any collection or display. Check out the photos I think you will agree, just super WW2 vintage set The medical pouch has a first aid bandage still in side. just a very respectable and historical set Looks pretty good when laid out on a table or shelf. Offered at a good fair price. Thanks and enjoy.