WW2 Exc.Cond. German Mauser Bayonet S/244G, G141b NR

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WW2, Excellent Condition! German Mauser Bayonet (S244G, G141b) No Reserve! Listed Itemâe(tm)s Details: This is a WW2, German Mauser Bayonet that belonged to my Father and May have possibly been brought back from his active duty during the war. My father from what I know and attempting to get more information on served as Private First Class in the Army during WW2 but that's about all I know. Most of the documents that were left after his passing were photo's. However this Bayonet was in a wood trunk from the estate. This WW2 German Bayonet with 99% intact Original Black Finish and Fabulous Condition Dark Wood handle and marked "S/244G and G141 b" on the blade at the guard is well preserved. The bayonet from what I was told most likely was for the Karabiner 98 Kurz (Kar98k, K98k) Bolt-Action Mauser Rifle that was standard issue in 1935 by the Wehrmacht the defense armed forces of Germany from 1935 - 1945. However with my limited knowledge on this subject; the Bayonet could have been for a Gewehr 98 (G98, Gew 98) German standard infantry issue model rifle. I'm sure an interested collector will definitely know though! The Bayonet is Overall Near New Condition with some minor dings and scratches. The finish on the Sheath, Handle, and Blade are 99% intact with the tip of the blade finish being a little
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