WW2 Feldmütze German Uniform Cap Sewing Patterns & Instruction M34/38 Schiffchen

Photocopies from German Language book of 2 scaled patterns—Reichswehr and Arbeitsdienst (published 1935) –Picture 1
Printed German Language text about Feldmütze construction for Enlisted Men and NCO's –Not Pictured 3 sets of used Patterns 2 with Scalloped edges (made from deconstructed or draped original caps) and 1 RW pattern (taken from the 1935 book copies above) –Pictures 2-4 Scalloped patterns are from different size caps, both of which were maker stamped.
I think the smaller was a mid-war Valet cap (stuttgart) while the larger was a numbered late war cap (these were still made after the introduction of the Einheitsmütze in 1943)
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