WW2 'Gibson Girl' Aerial from Transmitter Radio USAF

Thanks for looking at this rare and interesting artifact from WW2

In amazing condition, it is the aerial (approx 260ft of steel wire) that was used by the USAF in WW2 to attach to a box kite for use with the 'Gibson Girl' transmitter Radio.

Emergency transmitters enabled ditched air crews to communicate their whereabouts operating on a frequency of 500 kHz (and in some models also in the short wave band), used by international radio alarm signals. By using direction finding equipment, a rescue party could take bearings of the distress signals and determine their location or just 'home' on the signal by the rescue aircraft radio compass.

The item offered is the reel and cable only...the second picture is for verification purposes, and shows the item in an actual Gibson Girl Transmitter Radio

In full working condition, It's one of the most unusual items I have ever come across.

Sure to be of interest to collectors

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