Vintage WWII Gibson Girl Air-Sea Rescue Radio Transmitter Antenna AS-207 / CRT-3

Offered today for your review is a Wonderful Piece of WW2 History. Up for auction is a Vintage WW2 Gibson Girl Air-Sea Rescue Radio Transmitter Replacement Antenna which came out of a long time radio collector's estate in North West NJ.

This antenna is constructed of copper wire and spooled on to a hard plastic spool with a swivel flip-up handle. The unit is clearly marked: âeoeRL-48 WITH AS-207 / CRT-3 CNKâe and is in very good condition with the exception of a crack across the back of the case that has been repaired. Cosmetically this is not noticeable as the crack is located at the rear of the antenna case which faces the back side of the inside of the radio chassis compartment. This has been repaired very well and is strong, very secure and still holds all its integrity.

Just a little History if you donâe(tm)t already knowâe¦

These antennas were used with survival Gibson Girl Radios during WW2.

These radios were affectionately called the "Gibson Girl" which was a name taken from the narrow-waisted female drawings of the 1890's fashion artist Charles Gibson.

This is Model SCR-578 which was used from WWII until the late 1960's by the Air Force, Navy and Civilian Aircraft. The set was operated by
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