1936 Offset lithographic print book featuring great battle scenes from various Japanese wars, Russo-Japan, WW2, China Incident etc... The prints are antique reproductions. 60 prints total. The condition of the book is not good - around 1/3 of the prints have some sort of damage - usually a tear in the top or bottom. Explanations are captioned to the right of each print. SIZE 7 x 14 inches.

Offset lithographic printing processes are not true lithographic prints and involve a color separation process which uses a matrix type print style and plates or drums for each color - hence some of the prints have a haze about them. A true Lithographic print is called a 'SEKIHAN' which literally means 'Rock Print'. In fact, alot of the prints in this book are offest lithographic reproducitons of SEKIHANs.

The comprehensive nature of this piece of work makes it valuable. How it was used by imperial Japan to shape thought makes it doubly interesting.